Here is the text “Thanks i am happy to hear from you.  My name is Sharon Abdul Halim.
I am an orphan my parents died when i was three years and there is $3.5 million they abandon that i want you to help me to get it released. If you help me i will give you 40% and also  come over to your country and stay with you. Please i hope this email may come to you as a surprise but i just want to share with you my problems so that you can have sympathy on me and help me out. Please do not see this as cheating, or lies this is sincere and honest transaction which after you help me with it you will not regret or be disappointed please i plead with you in the name of God Attache are my pictures
If you get back to me i will send you  how you can check the fund through online” User sends pics and passport scan. Fake passport, needs verification.