FAKE freight forwarder in Qindao, CHINA 

Sales: MIYA   Boss: Simon


QQ: 1141696885 – 2404177163

Tel: +86-532-80975969 , 153-36396150

Email: Miya@global-forwarding32.com ; sales1@global-forwardingc.com

Website: www.global–forwarding.com ; www. global-forwardingc.com

Address: Room 6139, Floor 5 , NO.46-7  Shanghai Road , Bonded Area Qingdao , China

This company issue invoice with freight services, which I confirmed, after both parties confirm, and container is on the way, you will receive ane mail asking for more money making any kind of allegations….. if not pay as their request…. they just say….. don’t send telex or BL release.