Hello dears,

please tell me what you think about this company? http://www.paperkingcoltd.com/

is it fraud or not? according to recommendations on this web it must be fraud because of they give me the copy paper A4 80gsm price 0.90$


please help me

thank you

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you about a FRAUD, which happened with company JEMEA FEMBE CO., LTD. We had some agreement for copy paper, that agreement was CIF and was included transportation to POTI PORT (GEORGIA), we payed them full payment. At the first time, Ashton (one of the agent of JEMEA FEMBE CO., LTD) told us that goods were on the way and after two days transportation company sent us email and ask extra 1500$ refundable vessel rent, which was not in our agreement firstly. We didn’t confirm that payment and ask JEMEA FEMBE CO., LTD for full refund, because our CIF contract was broken by them, but they didn’t give us our money. This company is cheater and please, beware