Hi everyone,

yan-xi.com or http://yan-xi.lookchem.com/ definitely do scam business. I ordered several chemicals from yan-xi.com and finally got unknown inactive products, 100% not what I ordered. I did several analysis tests, each test was negative, I showed them photo to confirm and told them, that I can send it back,but they refused to accept it back and to give me refund or even to send me some compensation, the only thing they told me is that they will send to me a good quality, if I order more, and that they will give me a good discount for next order, so I placed another order with discount and received unknown product again. After that no response from them. Any product you will ask them about, they will tell you, that they have in stock, but actually they don’t have it and will send you a garbage.

Stay away from them!

Here is yet another FRAUD case from China.  I am posting so that I will be the last victim…

Qingdao Sitong Mineral Co., Ltd. http://www.sitong-minerals.com/
Room 03B, 3 Households, 10Floor, 2 Building No. 37 Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Mail: magnesium-sitong@sitong-minerals.com
Website:  http://www.sitong-minerals.com/
Skype: sitongkuangye3
Tel: 86-0532-86100219

Wbsite: http://www.sitong-minerals.com/
Skype: sitongkuangye2
MSN: lead-sitong@sitong-minerals.com
Tel: 0532-86100219
Fax: 0532-86100221

Bank of China Qingdao Donghai Rd. Sub-Branch Business Dept Contury Mansion, No 39 Donghaixi Rd, Qingdao, China
Beneficially: Qingdao Sitong Mineral Co., Ltd.
Acct: 233818576799

1) On June 25, 1013. We signed the Contract fo Aluminum Wheel Scraps. USD1,200/mt for 18mt.
2) They requested for 10% deposit, 90% TT upon B/L.  So we wired 10% ($2,160) on June 26.
3) We were waiting for the Booking Confirmation.  They finally sent us the Booking Confirmation on July 3.
4) At the same time, they started saying “Oh,,, price of Aluminum got higher so please pay $1,600/mt.”  Well, they are obviously breaking the Contract.
5) We demanded for full REFUND.
6) From July 3 until now, they are not picking up the phone or replying my emails.
7) Qingdao Sitong is OFFICIALLY FRAUD.

Stay away from this company for any reason.

We are importer from Malaysia. We have bought 1 X 20′ GP of Napthalene from a company name in March 2012.

We have paid them by 30% T/T in February 2012 and balance by L/C.

When the container arrive Malaysia, they shipped us the 1 X 20′ GP unknown white powder. When we contacted them for the wrong item shipped, they told us that the items are wrong shipped to their Malaysia customer. They will arrange the container to exchange with their customer.

But they have not replied to us since then and never answer to our calls.

I am posting this to inform everyone try to avoid this company and they have worked in a group and approached you in very professional way.

This is the company details and I need someone in Qingdao area to give me some help to report to the government agency to track them.

 Qingdao Oriental Sea Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
  Add:Room 2301, Building1, NO.38 Beijing Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
Tel:86-0532-80914778  Fax:86-0532-80914778

Dear friends, please be aware of below cheater, this is a fraud company

This company from china is a scammer, we lost US$ 4130


Company name :


Room 803,Qing Tian Building , XiXiang Road, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China

Tel/Fax: +86075536641134 Website: viota-electronics.com

E.mail ,

Contact person : Ethan Hu, Mobile No. +86-13076971134

His main company name is : VIOTA ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY  CO., LTD

Bank details :

Bank name : HSBC Hongkong

A/c #848-350823-838 SWIFT Code:HSBCHKHHHKH

BANK CODE : 004 Address: 1,Queen’s Road, Central Hongkong

Beneficiary : Fancy Shine Industial Limited

we approached above supplier  for supply of 2000 units USB Flash Drive of different capacities as per his Performa Invoice attached for your reference.

Our payment terms with above supplier were 30% advance and balance upon shipment ready for delivery.  we accordingly transferred our payment to beneficiary as below through our Axis Bank Limited, Palam Delhi .

1)      US$ 1150 vide TT Bill No. 0132ARIM130125, Txn ID S39227513 dt. 16.04.2013

2)      US$ 2980 vide TT Bill No. 0132ARIM130134, Txn ID S49361273 dt. 23.04.2013

Total payment transferred to supplier US$ 4130.

Untill the last discussion with Ethan Hu at around 2.30pm ISD on 23.4.2013 when we informed him that his payment has been transferred and sent him all the payment proofs, he immediately after half an hour closed/disconnected all his contact links with us and didn’t forward  the required AWB of  booking material, though he already sent us the commercial Invoice and packing list of material with an assurance that he will send out AWB copy as soon as the goods are booked in air cargo through Malaysia Airlines.

can any body guide me how I can get back my money.

Dear, along with health, I have found of interest actively joining the Forum, to denounce Chinese scammers, recently fell victim to two Chinese companies, dedicated to defraud with technological products, they offer good value, not always the cheapest, but give the hook free air charter bonifican purchases products, act formally until the minute we send the products, even have an agreement with the transport companies,  as make reservations for your load to which assigned a tracking number , number you get as a result of shipping course they do. Logically shipping and tracking is never that they can do in the airlines in some minutes expire because the process is not complete delivery of freight. The names of the two Chinese contacts are: Lendy Fang and Julie are two attractive Chinese according to the photo that incorporate post and in Skype. The site of these two companies are:



Both residing in Hong Kong, both Chinese serve at unusual times that attract much attention, because if one pays attention to their connections on Skype, practically no sleep, which suggests that it is only a pseudonym used and are more than a Chinese or Chinese connecting with their victims. Beware, they are scam artists.